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Changzhou Coating Technology (CCT) is a company based in Changzhou, China and is specialized in the field of surface treatment commonly referred to as coatings. CCT’s brand new facility has a total production area of 80.000 m2 and can handle parts up to 32 tons. The factory is equipped with modern CNC machines and the most advanced coating equipment all imported from overseas. This unique combination of machine and coating shop allows us to manufacture and repair a wide variety of parts for all kind of industries.

Our people play a crucial role in our mission to better serve our customers and exceed their expectations. Together with our customer focus and our corporate social responsibility, we acknowledge our employees as our greatest asset. CCT is committed to attracting the best people in the industry, increasing their levels of job satisfaction and encouraging them to grow and develop. Our goal is to build a workplace culture that respects the vital role we play in society and utilizes the talents that individuals bring to the organization.

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